How to Catch Little Blue….What?

No matter what our occupation or position in life; we all need inspiration. Inspiration to fulfill our dreams; fight our daily battles; get up every day….need I say more?

 But the topic: Inspiration? On a homeschooling mom-blog?

Absolutely.  Moms need LOTS of inspiration.

Inspiration can also be termed what motivates us as well. It is not always easy to describe or identify; but we know it when we see it, and it becomes a very necessary part of our well-being.

For me, I find Inspiration in any myriad number of things. Primarily, the sources of my inspiration are my Faith, my husband, my children, my family members, and a few close friends here and there. Every once in a while, inspiration may come from an unexpected source: a great book or well-thought-out article in the newspaper; a random blog or social media post; or even a kind word or smile from a fellow shopper in the grocery store. These are tiny drops of inspiration which, if not observed with gratitude, could very well pass us by virtually unnoticed.

Meanwhile, how does my average day usually go?

Blearily, I wake up and kiss Hubby before he leaves for work. Roll over. Hit snooze once or twice before I really wake up. Coffee.

Make a list of what needs to be done for the day. More coffee. Say a quick prayer that the day goes well. Get dressed. More coffee.

Boys wake up…and then it gets blurry after that. Forgot where I put that list. Uh oh. Coffee’s down to the bottom of the pot. Day happens. Squeeze school in there somewhere among the laundry and the errands and the bills. Automatic pilot kicks in. All of a sudden, I have to think of something for dinner…..And that’s it…

Where did the day go? Was there anything inspiring about this day? Anything at all?? 

And, so I make sure to take even a few moments–whenever–either before that part about the boys waking up and the day getting blurry–or the brief interval of time after the little darlings are tucked in and Hubby has long since gone to bed…to find the one thing that day that has inspired me. Just one small thing…to be thankful for. Especially if the day has not been as pleasant or predictable as I had expected.

But where, exactly…and how?

Little blue butterflies. 

Yes, that’s what I said. Little blue butterflies.

Those tiny little fluttery insects that never seem to light anywhere, but continue on their merry, gentle way. They are the tiny, fleeting thoughts…moments…inspirations. If we cannot catch them, we should at least be aware of them. Make time for them. See their light, feathery, delicate images in our children…our family…our acquaintances…and notice them…listen to them…appreciate them.

Because before you know it, they will move on.





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